Every router is should be set up after unpacking and connecting. To connect router, you need to install special software, which usually included in bundle, or enter in web interface. Configuration by using web interface is more professional way. To enter in web interface, you need to write router’s IP address (mostly, it’s 192.168.l.l), so URL would be like In appeared window, you should enter login “admin” and password “admin”. There are some situations, when this method doesn’t work. You don’t know what to do if you can’t enter in by using “admin” as login and password? Let’s try to solve this problem.  Some people try to use “1234”, “password”, “administrator”, but it’s not guarantee solution. Let’s discuss causes of problems.

Cause number 1:

Default password was changed, so you can’t enter in web interface by using outdated. There are 2 methods how to solve this problem. You need to find someone, who changed password, but there are situations when it’s impossible. Some Internet providers change passwords of user’s web interface. In this case, you need to contact with technical support and explain them that you can’t enter in Second method is to use reset button. But there is one huge minus – you will need to configure your router again.

To reset your router’s settings, it’s necessary to have something like pencil. Just press and hold this button for 8-10 seconds. Light indicators should start  to blinking and after that settings become default. That mean that “admin” password should works.

Cause number 2:

There can be some failures in router’s with router’s software. It’s really sad that modern routers have trouble like this. You should to be sure that you don’t change password and login, which you usually use to enter in In this case, reset button must help too. Some manufacturers use unusual router web interface IP addresses and passwords. Here you can see a list of the most popular router’s passwords and logins.

TP-link router’s typical IP address is or Login and password both “admin”.

Zyxel routers usually use IP address, password “1234” and login “admin”.

Netgear router’s IP address is and “admin” as password and login.

TrendNet router’s typical IP address is or Login and password both “admin”.

Asus routers usually use IP address, password “admin” and login “admin”.

D-link routers can use, and IP addresses. Login and password are usually “admin”.